A Note About My Recipes

Why I sometimes don’t post exact amounts of ingredients…

You may have noticed if you have looked at my recipes that I don’t often post exact amounts of ingredients. I have never liked exactly following recipes as I love allowing my creativity to flow in the kitchen. I want the same for you. Don’t be afraid to play around with ingredients – switch them out, cut them out altogether, add something else… these recipes are here to make your own so follow your heart (and taste buds!).

These would probably fall more under the category of “no recipe recipes.” For baking, I will post exact amounts as those are more important than in cooking.

Check out our simple marinara sauce for a great first recipe to try!

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Vancouver Farmers Market

How To Eat Locally

Eating local foods has so many benefits. It often leads to eating seasonally, since local farms generally only offer items that are currently in season. It also often means that you’re eating grass-fed, pasture-raised protein as well as organic produce (check with your local farmer – even if they can’t claim that they’re organic as it’s an expensive certification that not all choose to go through, their products may still be pesticide free). You’re also supporting your local community! What’s not to love?

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A tea cup with a winter background

Getaway House Review

I’ve wanted to stay at Getaway for a while. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon these tiny cabins with huge windows looking out over nature scapes, but when my husband and I weren’t really feeling heading into Seattle for a quick trip we’d booked, we canceled and decided to book this instead. We didn’t want the bustle of a city, we wanted nature and solitude, a chance to connect as a family.

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