A Note About My Recipes

Why I sometimes don’t post exact amounts of ingredients…

You may have noticed if you have looked at my recipes that I don’t often post exact amounts of ingredients. I have never liked exactly following recipes as I love allowing my creativity to flow in the kitchen. I want the same for you. Don’t be afraid to play around with ingredients – switch them out, cut them out altogether, add something else… these recipes are here to make your own so follow your heart (and taste buds!).

These would probably fall more under the category of “no recipe recipes.” For baking, I will post exact amounts as those are more important than in cooking.

Check out our simple marinara sauce for a great first recipe to try!

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Kristen’s Pantry

My name is Kristen and I am a 32 year old woman living in Sacramento, CA. I work at a nature center and love anything outside. I have two dogs and a snake, I enjoy live music, and playing ukulele is one of my favorite hobbies.

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Catering set up

Caitlyn’s Pantry

I’m a stay-at-home mom to two small boys with a background in coffee. I enjoy crocheting and being outdoors, going on hikes and spending time at the beach. I really became interested in food and cooking when I was 11 or 12 after discovering Rachael Ray on the Food Network. My mom was a great cook and I’d spend a lot of time in the kitchen watching her and trying to help her. She’d show me how to cook something and I’d write down the steps in a notebook. My dad was a baker his entire life but unfortunately that skill skipped my generation.

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Marisa’s Pantry

I’m a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. We homeschool and enjoy being out in nature as much as possible. Whole, real, pesticide free food is very important to our family. I would say our style of cooking is ancestral, with bone broth, fermented foods and healthy fats being a top priority.

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