Procurium Meals

Meet the husband and wife duo
Michael and Daniela both love good food. They have always dreamed of starting their own business. A business that helps the community around them thrive. They now get to prepare healthy and delicious meals for their local community. They bond over their shared love of tacos, cooking together, and trying new foods. Oh, and their weekly pizza night, of course.




She also loves to connect with clients!
Daniela was an EMS dispatcher for years (this is how we met!) but always longed to start her own business and knew her passion was food. She worked part-time as a personal chef and in a tea room on the side before launching this business in 2020.

She has IBS (with triggers such as garlic and onions, coffee, and bacon) and in 2020 gave up gluten after realizing it was causing joint inflammation and fatigue. You should enjoy a healthy diet despite food allergies and sensitivities.

When she’s not cooking for clients or crafting menus, she’s relaxing with her husband, organizing her home, reading, or enjoying a cup of hot tea.

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Photography Editor

Taste Tester

Michael loves experimenting in the kitchen. Some of his favorite things to make include hot sauce, mead, and ice cream. He recently started making candy as well! He is passionate about the tech side of the business.