Kerstin’s Pantry

This interview is by my mom, Kerstin, who lives in Florida and loves to travel. My mom has impeccable style, is a wonderful grandma, and we enjoyed annual mother-daughter trips before I became a mom (but we hope to get back to it!).

Where do you like to shop for food?

Publix, small local meat stores, and fish boxes and veggie boxes online.

What do you consider pantry staples?
Tomatoes in a can, rice, coconut milk, pasta (but I barely cook pasta)
What five ingredients can always be found in your kitchen?
Lemon, milk, yogurt, lettuce, butter.
What are your top three favorite kitchen tools?
Small mixer I use to mix soups. My big tongs. A pair of small silicone spoons and a fork.
What ingredient do you like sneaking into everything you can?
What’s your favorite cookbook?
Vår kokbok.
What’s your favorite food combo that packs a punch of flavor?
Shrimp or chicken with lemon/ chili/olive oil.
What’s your all-time favorite grocery store or market?
Ica Maxi and Trader Joe’s.
It’s a weekday and you need something quick. What do you make?
Shrimp or chicken.
It’s a Sunday and you want to make something nice. What do you make?
Sunday is a shrimp day for us.
What is your favorite restaurant of all time?
What is your favorite food memory?
My dad always cooked fancy dinners on Fridays and Saturdays. Crepes with shrimp and glace a four/baked Alaska.
What is your food philosophy? How do you like to eat?
I like to eat fresh local food and prefer lighter meals.
How did you eat growing up? Did you have a favorite food?
I ate very healthy food growing up. We always had full-fat milk, butter etc. Even when a lot of people at that time used light products. I did not grow up with snacks.
If I opened your fridge, what would I see?
I have more food in my freezer than in my fridge. Normally, butter, chili, lemon, lettuce, and cucumber.
Pop quiz:
Chocolate or vanilla?
Take out or dining at a restaurant?
Dining at the restaurant.
Breakfast or dinner?
Sweet or savory?
Soup or salad?

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