Olive Oil

What to look for when selecting an olive oil?

The number one thing I look for when choosing olive oil is that it is in a dark, glass bottle or a tin. Why? Both of these help keep the light out which keeps the olive oil fresher for longer. A clear glass bottle is okay, but it will not stay fresh as long. Either way, I recommend storing it in a dark cabinet or pantry away from heat and light.

Other things I look for are phrases like the ones listed below, which often indicate a quality olive oil. I love seeing a date of production as well!

First-pressed/cold-pressed: indicates that the oil was extracted without steam or chemical treatment. This helps it keep its nutritional value.

Extra-virgin olive oil: indicates that it is less processed and has a higher antioxidant level and nutritional value.

Bonus phrases to look for:

Estate-made: often indicates more care went into the making of the olive oil.

Unfiltered: this makes for more complex olive oil, but be prepared for a bit of sediment.

Certified organic: free of pesticides

Acidity <1%: for a smoother, less acidic olive oil.

DOP: this is for olive oils coming from Italy and means “denomination of origin”. The oil meets the standards of the local, originating government.

Here are my two favorite olive oils:

olive oil 

finishing oil

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